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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2021-07-03

Up close - June 2021

There have been no changes to the broadcast services transmitted from West Kilbride since DSO in May 2011, but these are some more detailed pictures of the various broadcast aerials.

The approach to the tower.

The east-southeast face of the tower. The red antenna at the very top is believed to be a direction-finding arrangement for VHF marine band.

Moving round to the south-southwest face of the tower, all of the transmit aerials can now be seen. UHF TV at the top with a single vertical band II aerial just below on the left and two band III yagis on the right for DAB transmit.

UHF TV transmit. The original curved panels on the right and the new post DSO arrangement on the left comprised of a Sira UTV-14 collinear with a reflector.

The original curved panels close up.

Just below the UHF aerials at 43.5m is the FM radio transmit aerial. A vertical Marconi band II dipole.

DAB transmit. Two 5 element band III yagis. Ofcom data places these aerials at the 34m level.

UHF receive aerials. The original Darvel trough and twin log perioidcs now used to receive the transmissions from Black Hill.

FM radio receive aerials. Left is pointing towards Rothesay, right towards Black Hill. Rothesay provides the Radio Scotland programme feed only. Radio 1 - 4 are fed from Black Hill.

The Rothesay Rx aerial continues to be a 2½ element yagi.

Black Hill band II Rx.

Satellite dish used for telemetry. The Ayr DAB programme feed is likely to be via an SHF link.

West Kilbride

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