UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by TCPD Page last updated: 2014-07-26

Girvan in 1980

Girvan started life as a 405 line BBC 1, VHF channel 4 transmitter on 2 x 14.3m wooden poles from 19th December 1966. Link at foot of this page to original installation. 405 line BBC 1 closed on 4th October 1982.

The current 38m square tower was built for UHF TV, which entered service with 3 channels on 7th May 1976. Channel 4 was added in March 1984. The UHF cylinder contains a north-west facing cardioid.

BBC National FM radio entered service in January 1981.

These photos show Girvan mast as it was in 1980 and some of the internal equipment.
The Band I transmitter looks like 2 vertical dipoles for the channel 4 VP service at 20W ERP. Received Kirk o' Shotts on channel 3.
The Band II FM transmitting antenna is 1 vertical dipole at 25 metres fed by 3 transmitters of 77 Watts.

Commutating Line UHF Channel Combining Units and RBR Splitting Filters made by Racal Antennas

BBC 1 Transposer

BBC 2 Transposer and FM Equipment

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