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Photos by Jeremy Bailey, James Towill and David Neale Page last updated: 2023-11-23

2005 & 2002

Rosneath was originally an ITA landlord site which entered service with 405-line ITV on channel 13 on
13-Dec-1968. 405-line BBC 1 on channel 2 also started at about the same time. Both 405-line TV services closed in July 1983.

BBC national FM radio was added by 1974. In June 1991, BBC FM radio was re-engineered for mixed polarisation and Radio's 1 & 4 were added. Radio Clyde (103.3 MHz) was added on 12-Aug-1993, YOU Radio (106.9 MHz) from 20-Nov-2003, closed 23-Aug-2018, Real Radio (now Heart FM, 101.1 MHz), from 24-Nov-2004.

UHF TV on 3 channels went into service on 13-Aug-1976 as a 10 kW ERP, vertically polarised relay, transmitting from a southeast facing cardioid. A north facing 50 W ERP, horizontal cardioid was added on the 25-Apr-1980. Channel 4 was added in March 1984. Interim DTT was added in November 1999 with all 6 muxes transmitted from the main UHF cylinder. DSO 11th and 25th May 2011.

Although a relay, this is one of Arqiva's major, high maintenence, stayed masts. In the late 1960's, Rosneath was listed as a future UHF main station transmitting with horizontal polarisation at 50kW ERP. It was allocated site number 122, rather than a Darvel relay, site number 152.11.

Rosneath is a dual polarisation TV relay. The horizontal transmissions are at low power and are just designed to serve Rosneath town itself, 2 miles North of the station. The much higher power vertical transmissions serve several towns including Greenock to the south of the Clyde.

The pictures below were taken by David Neale in 2002.

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