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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2015-07-10

June 2015

Portnahaven, clinging onto the Southwest tip of Islay, is a small 2W relay serving the village of the same name. The site also provides mobile phone coverage

The site sits on a hilltop near the village...

...and is guarded enthusiastically by its neighbours

The tower, from as far back as I could stand without falling off the hilltop! It looks from the photo as if the tower has a serious lean, but I can assure concerned readers that it was straight up when I left!

4 yagis receive from Bowmore - this is a point-to-point link with another group of yagis at the "parent" site

One of the tx logs is just visible behind the top/left yagi

Editor's note: the SHF dish appears to be facing in the same direction - maybe this is now the primary link, with off-air backup?

Given the prevailing light, photographing the transmission stack on the other side proved tricky!

Cabinets - the relay itself is assumed to be the green enclosure near the centre of this image

A few meters east on the hilltop, are these two pads of concrete. I would think these would date from when the relay was first commissioned, before the days of mobile phone site share. A new mast clearly had to be added to take the weight of these antennas. The two pads are linked by a plastic tube, shallow buried in concrete

Editor's note: an old list of site data shows the site with a 17m lattice pole - as featured at many smaller relay sites

Lower concrete pad

Target service area, the village of Portnahaven. Not many seem to use the relay, perhaps the locals all use indoor antennas? The antennas I did see where horizontally polarised and facing South West, suggesting they are possibly trying to receive the full freeview service from Limavady?

Receive path to Bowmore

The locals were keen I didn't outstay my welcome....

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