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Photos by Mark Carver Page last updated: 2017-07-05

June 2017

Mark visited the site in June 2017

Mast viewed from the south east. Lowest aerial on left is the BBC FM RBL log looking at Ashkirk

From the north

From the east

One of the two pairs of UHF logs looking at Chatton

....and the other pair. Berwick until 2006 was fed from Selkirk for ITV/4, so one of the two pairs may date from then

UHF DTT Tx panels

Close up of Ashkirk Rx log

Unknown, possible ILR RBL looking at Selkirk, but if so it should be VP

From another angle

Investigations indicate the ILR Tx should be a three element yagi, looking at Berwick centre at 15m agl. This (if you look closely) used to have three elements, and fits the other two parameters !

From the north east. There's some evidence that some BBC channels were fed initally, (or perhaps still are) from Chatton. If so one of the two yagis on the the left might be contenders. One is a folded dipole and reflector, the other a folded dipole and director

The BBC FM tx is quoted at 23m, and has a large null towards the north west, and max lobe at 150 degs. This dipole fits the bill

Slightly wider view from south


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