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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2021-10-16

April 2017 - addition of Bradford & Huddersfield DAB

The hit list called for an update on the new Bradford & Huddersfield DAB antennas. I believe this was in service August 2016. There seems to be no other change at Holme Moss.

Holme Moss is probably the only transmitter which can be seen from both sides of the Pennines.

The Bradford & Huddersfield DAB aerials, top left, with the reserve national band II below.

Two 5 element band III Yagis for Bradford & Huddersfield DAB at 135 m agl. They are directional towards the North East, probably to cover the Holmfirth area and prevent any leakage. Power is 0.2 kW.

The main national band II aerial array. The dish is pointing towards City Tower in Manchester.

The panels facing the camera are for Radio Manchester. Does anybody know why they are offset slightly? Is it to create a null, possibly against BBC Tees on 95MHz, which is receivable over much of Yorkshire?

[Ed] The top panel is offset forward to provide some downward beam tilt.

FM aerial pointing towards Pontop Pike, probably for monitoring.

National DAB panels. I suspect the dish above is pointing towards Emley Moor.

Winter Hill facing trough.

The dish bottom right is pointing in the direction of Macclesfield Forest, when BBC National Radio was delivered via PCM.

The left hand pair of horizontal Yagis point towards Llangollen and Allerton Park for monitoring. The vertical pair on the right on Sutton Coldfield for RBS. The right horizontal pair on Belmont and Sheffield for monitoring.

Ferrybridge power station 26 miles away.

Emley Moor

Holme Moss index

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