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Photos by Max Freer, David Foord, Martin Watkins and mb21 Page last updated: 2013-12-27

The Membury station was built by the ITA to improve their ITV coverage in the South Midlands in areas which didn't receive good signals from either Lichfield or Chillerton Down. The station opened on 30-Apr-1965 and transmitted ITV Midland region programmes on VHF ch12. It operated for almost 20 years until VHF 405 line transmissions from Membury closed in late 1982.

For more than a decade there were no broadcast transmissions from this site but in 1995 a very low power relay for BBC R1-4 was added to improve reception for motorists along that section of the M4 between the Hungerford and Swindon junctions, and the area around Lamborne. (The TX yagi can be seen at the top right hand side.)

Swindon Local DAB was added on 29th January 2003. BBC DAB from 5th June 2009.

As you can also see, it is well used by other services including, inevitably, mobile telephone networks.

BBC FM radio Tx aerial to the right

The next few shots were taken by Mark Carver in June 2009 and clearly show the addition of the DAB radio aerials...

BBC DAB aerials at top. 155m agl.

BBC FM receive aerial pointing at Oxford.

Swindon Local DAB aerials to the left. 112m agl.

David Neale took these photos from around 52m up the mast!

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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