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Photos by Jack Richardson Page last updated: 2022-04-25

March 2022

Stopped off here on the way down to Dover. Parked at the Wrotham Hill viewing point and walked down to the site. While partway up the access road, a guy approached me on a mobility scooter and asked if I am going to jump off the mast? I explained not, but apparently he lived in the house next door and noticed me. He also said that security had been tightened in recent years.

Don’t think any changes since Callum’s previous photos, but an in-depth look for the gallery nonetheless. Just to say too Wrotham village itself is worth a stop, very quaint.

From top to bottom - BBC Kent, KMFM, National FM/DAB, possibly a KMFM reserve further down and National FM reserve.

The Radio Kent transmit aerials comprised of 6 band II log periodics at a mean height 173m.

From another angle

Just below the Radio Kent transmit array at 170m is the KMFM transmit aerial. A slant polarised phased array giving a cardioid polar shape pointing towards Sevenoaks.

National FM and all DAB. The DAB antennas are only on the north side of the antenna stack. Mean height 150m.

A possible reserve for KMFM?

David Stanley writes: Jack Richardson is correct about the KMFM antennas. The lower cardioid is (or was) the backup. Assuming they have not been changed, they were installed in 1995 and are a Jaybeam type that is no longer made. The cardioid type was chosen because of a Radio Authority requirement to not cover somewhere to the north east. I do not recall if that was to protect another service or to prevent coverage of somewhere outside the licensed area.

UHF logs just above the reserve FM antenna. I would estimate these to be pointing towards Bluebell Hill, Heathfield and Dover.

National FM reserve antenna

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