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Photos by Photos by Peter Bigwood, Neil Hopperton and David Neale Page last updated: 2014-01-29

Earlier Photos

Ashkirk supplies BBC FM radio to Northumberland and the Borders.

It was originally built as the Band I TV and Band II VHF radio relay for south-east Scotland. The BBC R&D Research paper on the site tests in the area show that the BBC's preferred site was at Lindean Moor, which is where the ITA's Selkirk station was subsequently built. However, the BBC site was built (in 1963) at Dryden Hill, the site which the 1956 tests had found to be less favourable. It's not clear why the BBC weren't able to use Lindean Moor.

The BBC 1 405-line service closed in January 1985. New mixed polarisation FM radio aerials went into service on the 1st July 1991, together with the start of Radio's 1 & 4 transmissions.

Neil's photo [above] makes it look like it's in the middle of a field with the transmitters are in a little wooden hut.

Too barren even for cows and sheep!?

The next seven photos come from Peter Bigwood:

Above: Selkirk in the background.

Finally, David Neale's photo of the Ashkirk Mast "in full AWL" with the Selkirk mast in the back and the village lights of Ashkirk glowing in the valley. Just a different sort of picture really.

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BBC R&D Report on Tests carried out for the Galashiels TV and Radio Transmitter

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