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Photos by Martin Briscoe Page last updated: 2012-11-02

Ardgour Band I TV link site

Ardgour was a link site for the original Great Glen Band I television chain.

There were two sites, the receiving antenna were on a tower that is now used for the Ardgour Band II transmitter site though there was no building then. There were two Band I receive antenna, each with a head amplifier powered down an underground submarine cable from the other site.

The other site had the RC4/501 Band I television receivers and Pye M7000(?) SHF link transmitter (two transmitters with changeover). The link fed two dishes, one direct to the Ballachulish site and the other to the Oban site via a passive reflector on the hilside behind.

The building still exists but used by the landowner, much of the equipment went to the Washford museum.

Ardgour Band I link building

Ardgour Band I link building

Ardgour Band I link building

Ardgour Band I link - passive reflector.
Top right on the hillside, building is out of view to the left and receive tower some distance behind me.

Ardgour Band I link - passive reflector

Ardgour Band I link - passive reflector

This tower (now dismantled) carried the two dishes as described, one feeding Ballachulish direct and the other feeding Oban via the passive deflector.

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Service areas of the Great Glen chain of TV and radio trasnmitters

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