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Photos by Phil Edmonds Page last updated: 2021-05-29

Another new TX antenna - August 2011

I visited Blackpool on 13th August 2011 and noticed that The Wave's TX antenna had been changed.

Further investigation reveals that they where granted a power increase from 50watt Vertical/50watts horizontal, to 200watts in each plane.

A recent Ofcom 'TXParams' spreadsheet details that this new service commenced on 11th August 2011, which would suggest that the re-engineering took place at the same time as the on-going refurbishment of Blackpool Tower, which can be seen in my photos.

Phil comments: "The quality of the first two pictures is not perfect as they are cropped from wider pictures and were taken on a typical overcast Blackpool summer day."

Viewed from the South. The new TX antenna appears to be a pair of slanted folded dipoles at the top right of this picture. I'm guessing this is an active element and a reflector to achieve the required directional restrictions. (Editor's note: this could be a phased arrangement with both elements driven?)

May 2021: we've received confirmation that it is indeed a phased arrangement. Andrew Bantock tells us that it is "a cardioid antenna with two driven elements fed slightly out of phase to create a better front/back ratio".

These are mounted in the same position as the Sira it replaced.

Another view from the North. Again you can see the slanted dipoles of the TX antenna. I am unable to identify if the OB/talkback aerials mentioned in the original gallery page are still in place.

Finally a general view of seafront and Tower from near Central Pier.

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