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Photos by Dave Stanley Page last updated: 2021-05-29

Radio Wave Installation - April 1992

Radio Wave stated test transmissions in April 1992 with a transmitter at the top of the Blackpool Tower. The licensed power at the time was 100W ERP per plane.

The tower was undergoing maintenance at the time which meant no lifts were available, presenting difficulties for the installation work.

The AEA antenna can be seen to the top right in this photo.

The antenna system was an AEA circular polarisation array. This type of antenna was new to the company (SBS) and a lack of data means it was incorrectly installed with the elements vertical/horizontal instead of in a X. An error it shared with the QFM installation at Glennifer Braes. There was also a colinear for OB receive and a folded dipole for talkback (visible behind the transmit antenna).

Moving the equipment up the tower meant a negotiation to use the temporary lift or false car. Other access was only via ladders in the tower legs. In this photo, the antennas are in the boxes.

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Gleniffer Braes

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