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Photos by Colin Simpkin Page last updated: 2023-10-03

Local DAB added - October 2023

While working at Blackpool Tower in October 2023, Colin Simpkin was granted access to a higher section which is normally strictly off-limits to the general public, and was able to take some close-up photographs of the aerial array used for the new Blackpool local DAB multiplex.

The Blackpool local DAB multiplex launched in September 2022.

The DAB array consists of a pair of dipoles, phased to create a cadioid radiation pattern, aligned in an easterly direction, to cover the town of Blackpool and beyond.

David Stanley writes: The original transmit aerial was a 2 element yagi. That was changed to this cardioid type a few months ago.

...and viewed again from the opposite side. The phasing harness is visible, strapped to the boom.

The collection of buildings just above the guard-rail is the Blackpool Winter Gardens complex, and the mountainous terrain in the distance is likely to be the Forest Of Bowland area.

In this view, (which the photographer tells us was only possible by leaning backwards, rather closer to the edge of the structure than was comfortable), we can see the aerial array for the 96.5MHz ILR service, somewhat higher up the tower.

The service is transmitted from the phased array of two slanted dipoles in the centre of the photo, which appears unchanged from Phil Edmonds' photographs in 2011. The single dipole to the left is unrelated.

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