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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-11-23

November 2011

Nothing obvious has changed on the broadcast side since David Neale's visit - but Dunkirk was recently included on a list of potential future DAB sites.

We understand that "RAF Dunkirk" continued to be in MoD use until some time around 2006, but the tower and adjacent land is now privately owned. A planning application has been made to build a new "Data Storage Facility with Permanent Historical Exhibition" near the base of the tower.

The structure itself is Grade II listed and much of the area nearby is a Scheduled Ancient Monument though the area immediately around the tower was excluded.

According to the owners: "the current usage of the structure does not generate sufficient revenues to support an appropriate maintenance regime for the listed tower structure" - hence the attempt to find additional income.

The current planning application is SW/11/1370 at Swale Borough Council. A similar application was refused in 2010.

Looking through the fence we can see a largely empty structure and a couple of temporary buildings. The broadcast antenna is at the very top!

There's a separate compound for Arqiva and other users, outside the "MoD" boundary.

Just visible above the roof is this yagi pointed towards Bluebell Hill. Possibly for RBS purposes when this site was used by Invicta many years before?

These concrete blocks once supported another tower - the Chain Home radar station comprised four metal and five wooden structures

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Dunkirk Chain Home Station (Underground Kent)
RAF Dunkirk (Subterranea Britannica)

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