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Photos by Paul Andersson and David Hunt Page last updated: 2022-07-30
Guys Hospital Tower Greater London
NGR: TQ329800 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 3m      Structure Height:
Digital TV:
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Resonance FM: 104.4 
Digital Radio:

Resonance FM was awarded a Community Radio licence during 2005 and launched on 1 January 2006. The antenna is (or was, see below) at the very top of the Guy's Hospital Tower which Ofcom puts at 76 m above ground.

In 2011 planing approval was given for works including cladding and "the installation of a light-installation/framework to the roof of the Communications Tower." Reports on the work give the height of the original structure as 143 m - when built the tallest hospital in the world.

The first five photos are from Paul Andersson, probably from 2012 or thereabouts.

Confusingly the taller tower, on the right, is known as the "Communications Tower" however the "User Tower" also carries a vast number of antennas.

The Resonance FM installation is at the highest part of the structure, on the "chimney stack"...

...mixed polarisation is provided by the combination of vertical and horizontal elements.

The views are amazing. The lattice structure in the foreground (Guyed Hospital Tower?) is on the lower rooftop.

Crystal Palace (left) and Croydon (right). This view is also available as Desktop Wallpaper - link below.



David Hunt's pictures date from 2017, by which time it looks as though cladding has been added and some sort of framework installed around the chimneys. Unfortunately we don't at the moment have any details as to what happened to the FM transmitting aerials.

From Tesco.

From Hay's Galleria.

From More London, Tooley Street

Desktop Wallpaper

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