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Photos by Peter Bigwood Page last updated: 2022-10-17

Lichfield was the second ITA site, which began broadcasting on 17-Feb-1956. The original structure was a 137m (450ft) tower. This was replaced with the current 305m mast which took over transmitting 405-line ITV on
18-Jul-1961. Closed 3-Jan-1985.

The Birmingham ILR service (BRMB) was transmitted from Lichfield from the launch on 19-Feb-1974 until 1989, when the transmitter was relocated to Sutton Coldfield. Lichfield resumed broadcasting with Channel 5 in 1997.

Station History

17-Feb-1956 ITV launch on channel 8 at 60kW ERP from 137m tower.
Sep-1956 ERP increased to 120 kW
23-Nov-1956 ERP increased to 200 kW.
18-Jul-1961 ITV transferred to 305m mast and ERP increased to 400 kW.
19-Feb-1974 ILR Birmingham (BRMB) launch on 94.8 MHz
3-Jan-1985 ITV channel 8 closed.
21-Jan-1987 ILR Birmingham frequency changed to 96.4 MHz
Spring 1989 ILR Birmingham closed. Transmitter relocated to Sutton Coldfield
30-Mar-1997 Channel 5 launch. Channel 37 at 1000 kW
6-Jun-1998 ILR South East Staffordshire (Centre Radio) launch on 101.6 MHz
24-May-2000 Birmingham DAB in service
Mar-2010 Interim DTT HD multiplex in service. Channel 34 at 4 kW
21-Sep-2011 Channel 5 and DTT HD mux closed. (Sutton Coldfield DSO)
10-Oct-2014 Derbyshire DAB in service

This picture is from Bob Cotton and shows the original
tower with the new 1000ft mast alongside.

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