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Photos by Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2015-11-04
East Dundry Lane Somerset
NGR: ST573665 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 194m      Structure Height: 58m
Digital TV:
BBC Radio:
  Radio Bristol: 94.9 
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Sam FM (Bristol): 106.5 
Digital Radio:

This is the largest and most easterly of the seven or so towers on Dundry Hill. It was formerly owned by Gridcom but was acquired by NGW (now Arqiva). Until 2007 it had no broadcast services on it, but with the move of BBC Radio Bristol from Ilchester Crescent on 25th April 2007 and the launch of Original 106 (now Sam FM) on 20th May 2007 a band II ground plane aerial and two brand new, shiny slant polarisation three element yagis were added at the top. The yagis point directly north towards central Bristol. The views are great from the site, as is the coverage of an otherwise difficult area.

In 2012 arsonists struck at the tower, setting fire to the feeder cables running up the structure. Both FM services were affected, but services were back on-air again within 24 hours. (see link at bottom of page)

The ground plane aerial at the very top transmits Radio Bristol and the two slant polarised yagis on the left, transmit the ILR service on 106.5 MHz.

Closer examination at the very top shows both the Radio Bristol ground plane aerial and a white pole to the right. This pole, which is to the south east of the ground plane, is actually part of the Radio Bristol aerial system, modifying what would otherwise be an omnidirectional polar radiation pattern to produce maximum ERP in both the north east and south westerly directions and a slight null to the south east. OFCOM data confirms this.

From further round the tower the
Radio Bristol ground plane and
pole at the top.

The view of Bristol to the north

Ilchester Crescent as seen from East Dundry Lane

Pur Down in the hazy distance

A general view of Dundry looking west from East Dundry Lane:
On the left is a collection of small masts with no broadcast services on in the centre of Dundry village.
On the right is Dundry church, then another larger tower with no broadcast services on,
then poking above the trees the tower known simply as Dundry, with Heart on it.

Bristol (Ilchester Crescent) | Dundry | Dundry East | Pur Down

BBC: Mast fire disrupts BBC Radio Bristol and Jack FM services

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