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Photos by Peter Bigwood Page last updated: 2023-02-15


Station history

Brighton (Southwick) was built to replace a former Group 'H' transmitter in Brighton which had been used to transmit the Third programme from the September 1946 launch.

21-Nov-1948 Third Programme in service on 1474 kHz.
15-Mar-1950 Frequency changed to 1546 kHz.
16-Sep-1951 Transmitter for the West Home Service added on 1457 kHz.
30-Sep-1967 Transmitter for Radio 1 added on 1214 kHz.
2-Sep-1972 Radio 4 (1457 kHz), frequency changed to 692 kHz. Radio 3 (1546 kHz), closed. Radio Brighton added on 1484 kHz.
23-Nov-1978 A new transmitter for Radio 1 added on 1053 kHz. 692 kHz became 693 kHz and re-assigned to Radio 2. 1214 kHz became 1215 kHz and re-assigned to Radio 3. Radio Brighton's frequency changed to 1485 kHz.
29-Aug-1983 ILR Brighton (Southern Sound), launches on 1332 kHz. This frequency was changed to 1323 kHz after a few weeks, because of interference.
27-Aug-1990 Radio 5 replaces Radio 2 on 693 kHz.
28-Feb-1992 Radio 3 (1215 kHz), closed.
30-Apr-1993 INR 2 (Virgin Radio) launches on 1215 kHz.
Nov-1993 INR 2 frequency changed from 1215 to 1197 kHz.
30-Jun-1994 Radio 1 (1053 kHz), closed.
14- Feb-1995 INR 3 (Talk Radio) launches on 1053 kHz.
3-Jan-2018 BBC Sussex (1485 kHz) closed.
20-Jan-2023 INR 2 (1197 kHz) closed.
29-Sep-2023 ILR Brighton (Smooth Radio), 1323 kHz closed.

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