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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2013-11-26

Photos taken September 2013

Brighton (Southwick) first opened in September 1951 with the West Home Service on 1457 kHz and the Third Programme on 1546 kHz. Another transmitter was added on 1214 kHz for the start of Radio 1 on 30th September 1967. On 2nd September 1972, what was by then Radio 3 was closed and replaced with Radio Brighton on 1484 kHz. Also as a consequence of the de-regionalisation of Radio 4 and that 1457 kHz was given to BBC local radio, its frequency was changed to 692 kHz.

With the frequency changes of 23rd November 1978 a new transmitter was added for Radio 1 on 1053 kHz, Radio 2 took 693 kHz, and Radio 3 took 1215 kHz.

29th August 1983 ILR Brighton (Southern Sound) started programmes on 1332 kHz. This frequency was changed to 1323 kHz, after a few weeks because of interference.
27th August 1990 Radio 5 replaces Radio 2 on 693 kHz.
28th February 1992 Radio 3, 1215 kHz, closed.
30th April 1993 INR 2 (Virgin Radio) started programmes on 1215 kHz.
30th June 1994 Radio 1, 1053 kHz, closed.
14th February 1995 INR 3 (Talk Radio) started programmes on 1053 kHz.

As this wasn't a planned visit, these pictures were taken using a smart phone.

This site lies between a housing estate and the Brighton to Worthing railway line

Band 2 aerial pointing at Whitehawk Hill for BBC Sussex programme feed.

Radiating wires highlighted

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