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Photos by Jack Richardson Page last updated: 2020-02-19

February 2020

I decided to brave it through Storm Ciara, walking through soggy ground, mud and showers, wondering why I couldn’t come back in the summer, at least when it’s a bit warmer... oh well.

Just off M5 J5, I parked at St Mary de Wyche church, where handily there’s roadside parking and the start (or end?) of a footpath which leads around the site.

Starting with Masts A and B...

The mast radiating Radio 5 live will be the one furthest away from the camera, according to the previous commentary.

Radio 4 LW antenna

The same picture with the 'T' aerial wires highlighted.

Close up of the centre point

Radio 4 LW feed

I wonder what these shed's at the bottom of the masts are for?

[Ed]. mb21 has subsequently been contacted with an answer to Jack's question.

"The sheds at the bottom of the masts are huts for the disused lift equipment. The lifts are now parked 2/3 up the mast for best electrical match."

Masts C and D, which radiate Talksport and Absolute Radio.

Dishes on Mast C

Mast C hut

Mast D hut

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