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Photos by Derek Brice and David Foord Page last updated: 2019-11-03

This site transmits BBC Radio Five Live to the SE tip of England on 693kHz from a wire antenna slung between the two 45m masts.

FM radio transmissions for Folkestone are from nearby Creteway Down.

Folkestone MF entered service on 23rd December 1951 with the West Home Service on 1457 kHz. The frequency was changed to 1052 kHz on the 2nd September 1972.

With the frequency changes of 23rd November 1978, 1052 kHz was re-assigned to Radio 1 as 1053 kHz, and a new transmitter provided for Radio 2 on 693 kHz.

27th August 1990, 693 kHz re-assigned to Radio 5.
30th June 1994 Radio 1 closed.

The above photo was taken in the 1960s by Derek Brice

In the background the much taller (228m) Dover UHF television mast some distance away - and in the far distance the three towers of the Swingate site.

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