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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-04-02

February 2015 - satellite feed and other observations

A planning application during 2014 sought approval for the installation of a ground-mounted satellite dish. The plans refer to "BBC NRA Distribution" - this may be part of a project to add alternative feeds to other MF sites

Nothing else appears to have changed but while peering at some of the photos I've found a couple of other features previously missed

The new dish is quite obvious. The smaller black dish was present in the previous (2009/2010) photos

Looking at the photos and comparing with the original 1960 image of the site it's now clear the smaller building on the left was a later addition. A 1972 OS plan shows the main building and what we now know to be the generator building alongside

On the roof of the main building we see...

...what appears to be an insulated feed-through and spark gap. Was the transmitter output originally taken from a point on the roof, with the second building added in the late 1970s to support the addition of Radio 2?

I've looked again at some earlier photos, not previously published, and found a better view (August 2010) of this roof-top feature... was this the feed point originally?

This grey cabinet at the base of the southern mast also features in previous photos - it seems to be a tuning unit allowing the structure (insulated at the base) to be used as a mast radiator

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