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Photos by Peter Vrakking and Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-05-29

May 2009 and August 2010

Peter: In May 2009 I was spending my holiday in New Romney. On our way from Dover towards New Romney we drove by a medium wave antenna near Dover. I stopped and shot the following pictures.

Dan: I paid a visit to the various Folkestone and Dover sites in August 2010 and I've added a couple of my photos to Peter's update.

This is the entrance to the transmitter site where we find three buildings. I think the transmitter is on the left and the building on the right contains a generator.

From the back you can see from left to right the generator building, transmitter building and a separate building at the feed point. In the foreground is the fuel tank for the generator.

A close up of the feed point

The bottom of the vertical section is insulated and held in place by an arrangement of springs

This is the centre of the "T" which forms the antenna

A view of the vertical section

The top of the south tower - note that the towers here are purely for support and not part of the antenna

South tower

Top of the north tower

North tower

The base of the south tower

Looking west, Dover on the left

Looking east

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