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Photos by Mike D Smith and Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2014-09-28

July/August 2007

More complicated setup at Kenley than the listings indicate.

It's listed as 175W vertical, but there are in fact two TV broadcast arrays on the tower, one horizontally and one vertically polarised. The (presumably) original array consists of four pairs of crossed log periodics, vertically polarised. This is mounted on the north east face of the tower and points nominally in that direction. The other array is mounted on the back of the tower, and consists of eight horizontally polarised log periodics, four pointing north west and four pointing south east.

There is also national FM radio at Kenley, with two vertical dipoles pointing to the north east. RX are log periodics on Crystal Palace for TV and Wrotham for FM.

Kenley serves part of the hilly area to the south of Croydon in Surrey, along with a handful of other relays such as Old Coulsdon, Cane Hill and Caterham.

Originally a BBC landlord site, Kenley entered service on 21st December 1982 with all 4 UHF TV channels. DSO was on 4th and 18th April 2012. BBC FM radio was added in September 1986, with Radio 1 from 4th October 1990.

The south west corner of the tower. The logs are pointing roughly north west and south east.

A mystery UHF yagi, pointing south east. From the element spacing, at least band V if not above.

Obviously quite a major tree fall recently. Lots of smashed fencing but no apparent damage to any of the equipment.

Kenley index

Kenleys role in the early DAB tests - BBC RD report 1991

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