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Photos by Martin Watkins and mb21 Page last updated: 2011-07-12

Photos from 2004

Originally an IBA landlord site, UHF TV on 3 channels commenced on 28th November 1975, with Channel 4 from September 1983.

ILR Exeter (DevonAir Radio) launched on 7th November 1980 and the BBC added national FM radio on 9th July 1982, using a rather complex set of three pairs of logs.

Prior to that BBC FM reception of North Hessary Tor had been lamentable in many parts of Exeter, as Dartmoor's "skirts" of rolling hills make an ideal RF barrier that screen a wide ring-shape of ground that runs around the north/east/south edges of the moor. Once out of this local shadow reception from NHT improves again.

Radio Devon launched on 17th January 1983.

UHF cylinder, old-style IBA ring-and-dipole mixed polarisation FM antenna, and in the same aperture the recently installed DAB dipoles.

BBC national FM logs, firing roughly north/east/south but not west.

Sira for a temporary RSL which was operating at the time these photos were taken.

mb21 took this view of Exeter from near the Tx site.

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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