UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Mark G7RJV Page last updated: 2014-02-14

Pictures taken December 2012

Text updated Feb 2014 by Mark.

BBC Radio York MF site with two mast antenna system.

Antenna system is a double inverted L arrangement made up two masts with a horizontal wire between the two masts.

The horizontal wire which is strapped between the two masts is split into two sections with insulators approximately half way between the two masts. The northern mast is nearest the historic city of York.

Looking at the TxParams data provided by Ofcom has the service running 500 watts EMRP towards approx 5 degrees east with the power reducing by 12dB towards 120 degrees and 240 degrees south. While the power towards 180 degrees is down by 5 dB. To maintain this directional performance the site has monitoring loops at the base of each mast which will allow maintenance staff to check and adjust if any problems occur with the directional properties of the antenna system.

The southern mast supports a BBC car radio link which will make use of a MF filter located to one side of the south mast antenna tuning unit.

Probably RBS antenna on Acklam Wold

Looking towards York.

South mast and north mast in the distance.

Spacers on the horizontal wire mid way between the two masts, also shown is the insulators splitting the horizontal wire allowing the mast/horizontal wire to act as a double inverted 'L' antenna.

Close up of the horizontal wires between the two masts the double inverted 'L' insulators at the top of picture.

South mast base.

Top of south mast with BBC car radio base antenna at the top.

Horizontal wire is attached to a plate mounted on the mast a few feet below the top.

Square loop for monitoring of the masts phasing.

BBC car radio base antenna feed from the feed through bowl on the right of the ATU.

North Mast

Horizontal wire is attached to a plate mounted on the mast a few feet below the top.

Monitoring loop below north mast

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