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Photos by Neil Byng M1CFK Page last updated: 2017-04-14

February 2017 - now available on DAB

DAB transmissions from Headless Cross entered service on 19 October 2016 for BBC, D1 and the Birmingham local multiplex. Ofcom data lists the site as "Headless Cross GSC" for two of the services - GSC is a BT abbreviation for Group Switching Centre - but most of us would think of the building simply as a telephone exchange.

Planning documents show the stub mast carrying the Band II dipoles was to be replaced with a new pole accommodating a Band III omnidirectional colinear at the top, together with an SHF link dish (we understand this connects via a non-broadcast Arqiva site at Romsley).

Ofcom data has the ERP for the local multiplex as 300 W, BBC 11 W but Digital One is apparently 1 W. (Maybe we'll call it "Digital One Watt"?)

The location and the multi-tier structure of the building both create difficulty in getting clear views of the antennas...

...however the DAB antenna is prominent at the very top.

For orientation, the green cabin on the right is the one on the left in the previous photos of the site. The SHF link dish is one of those visible in the centre.

The planning documents reveal that this cabin was added for DAB.

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