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Photos by Richard Moore Page last updated: 2023-08-30
Summerhill (Eire) County Meath
NGR: Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height:       Structure Height: 248m
Digital TV:
National Radio:
Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: RTE Radio 1 closed 14-Apr-2023. Mast demolished 27-Jul-2023

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The Summerhill long wave transmitter site in Eire was originally built for commercial radio station Atlantic 252 which launched on 1st September 1989 and closed on the 2nd January 2002. After its closure, the transmitter was used by TEAMtalk 252 which lasted for just a few months in 2002. From 17th March 2004 this transmitter has been used to provide a version of RTE Radio 1 to the expatriate community in Britain. See link at the bottom of a page for a video of the mast's demolition in July 2023.

The 248m mast at Summerhill

Audio racks

Main transmitter control panel

Aerial views of transmitters

The two transmitters, which operate in parallel. A specially built pair of air and water cooled 300 kW solid-state units built by Varian.

Transmitter dummy load


Feature - ON THE EIRE
2rn company video of the mast's demolition

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