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Photos by Michael Curtis and Liam Stockman Page last updated: 2014-01-15

Updated August 2008

The Weymouth relay is located in Wyke Regis, Weymouth, on the South Coast of Dorset.

To reduce interference across the channel, the transmitter does not transmit towards Portland. As a result, Portlanders mostly receive their signal from Stockland Hill, or from Rowridge (different region). As you can see, the two trough receiving aerials are mounted very low down on the towerto reduce the effects of tidal fading on the incoming signals from Stockland Hill.

The transmitter was built in 1969, originally with 405-line BBC 1 on VHF channel 1. Closed 4th January 1983. UHF TV was added on 14th September 1973, with Channel 4 from October 1984. BBC national FM radio was added on 7th January 1991. The housing estate surrounding it was build a couple of years ago. The site was previously allotments.

Parts of the north of Weymouth are shielded from the transmitter at Wyke Regis by intervening hills. These areas were poorly served until the opening of Bincombe Hill in 1992.

Summer 2007 and it looks like Weymouth is getting a wash and brush-up...

The final photos are from Liam's subsequent visit in August 2008

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