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Photos by Nigel and Ann Coote Page last updated: 2020-11-23

Pictures taken July 2008

We are indebted to Nigel and Ann for these photos of the Fair Isle link station, which they took while on holiday there in July 2008. The Fair Isle station does not transmit any UHF or VHF broadcast services but receives signals from Keelylang Hill on Orkney and then sends them on, at SHF, to Bressay for transmission to the population of the Shetland Islands.

Fair Isle tower is not on the highest point of Ward Hill, which can be seen in the first photo, taken from the northern lighthouse.

Photo shows the building that houses the generators that supply the power to Fair Isle tower site which is a about 1/4 mile down the hill from the site.

The tower can be seen from the middle of the island and you get a good view of it from the airstrip hence the airsock which also shows the track up to the tower.

To get onto the track that takes you up to the tower you have to walk around the airstrip. Once on the track you get dive-bombed by Bonxies (this is the Shetland/Fair Isle name for the Great Skua bird) as their chicks are in the grass which they use as nests.

Once at the top of the track you see the tower as, in photo below, you are looking north.

Looking at the above photo, if you look to the left you can see buildings that were used in the second world war and on the right the tower again with its building, notice the mist rolling in.

The equipment housings are shown in photo 10 and you can also see the North Lighthouse.

The dishes facing south:

Rx antenna on Keelylang Hill

On the left the dishes facing north, on the right the dishes are facing south.

Because the mist was rolling in, we left after 5 minutes only to get dive bombed again on the way down by the Bonxies.

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