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Photos by Rod Duncan Page last updated: 2015-09-12

September 2011 - UHF relay added for DSO

Sefton Lane is just off Southtown Road in Great Yarmouth, an area of mixed residential, light industrial, retail and dockside use.

The RFS antenna (with a mean Tx height of 51.58 metres) on its 3-metre tower extension had been present for some considerable time before these photos were taken. Some antennas appear to have been removed from the top of the tower to make room for the extension and UHF TV antenna.

The approved planning application 06/09/0003/F (which refers to a 'mast' rather than a tower at this site) lists a log periodic antenna at 26 metres and a 75cm dish at 7.5 metres. When I visited there was no sign of such a dish, nor a log at that height... but there was a broadcast-quality log lower down mounted off one leg of the tower, directed at Tacolneston

The signage has changed slightly, but no new cabins have appeared (and there's little room in the compound for any)

Editor's note: this new relay should cover the small area previously served by a self-help installation on Southgates Road

View of extended tower from Great Yarmouth Quayside Car Park.

The cabin and signage at Great Yarmouth (Sefton Lane). The RBL log can be seen.

The new RFS UHF transmit antenna from Quayside - it's clear that there are two separate feeders for upper and lower half-arrays.

We believe this is an RFS "UD" series antenna which is essentially a modern version of the cylinder used at many of the early UHF relays, giving a cardioid radiation pattern.

A close-up of the RBL antenna.

Sefton Lane Tower and antennas, viewed from Southtown Road.

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Great Yarmouth (self-help)

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