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Photos by Lars Funck Jensen Page last updated: 2013-10-26

Newly built in 2009 - and with the wrong polarisation!

Having published these photos back in September 2009 they were given little further thought. Until that is when in October 2013 we received the following email from Mark Evans, at which point we realised the extreme rarity value of what we'd published.

Mark wrote: "Skelmersdale is horizontally polarised. The site was initially incorrectly constructed as vertical, which is presumably when these photos were taken, but was corrected to horizontal before the start of service."

Investigation and further correspondence confirmed that this site had been the victim of a constructional error, and Mark was able to add the following:

"The station didn't enter service using the wrong polarisation. The constructional error was spotted before then.

The station is intended for reception by existing Winter Hill aerials, hence the horizontal polarisation and similar channel grouping. It was required to cover a small deficiency within Skelmersdale which would remain after switchover. As I remember, the interfering transmitter is in Wales".

Justin Smith managed to dig out some photos from 2010 which are included on a separate page (see site index).

Looking at DUK's Granada Installers' Newsletter the map that is included suggests that the areas not covered by Winter Hill include Elmers Green, Birch Green, parts of Ashurst, Tanhouse, and Digmore.

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