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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-07-17
Burnham on Crouch Essex
NGR: TQ940966 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height:       Structure Height: 25.5m
Digital TV: BBC A: 21   D3&4: 24   BBC B: 27  
National Radio:
Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Burnham on Crouch is a relay of Sudbury. Pre B700 allocations: 49/52/42

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July 2011

This is one of three new relays commissioned as part of the Sudbury DSO. Those at Clacton and Rouncefall are additions to existing communications sites, but Burnham on Crouch is completely new build.

The tower is quite substantial yet there's not really any spare space in the compound for site sharers.

It was raining before and during my visit. No doubt on a bright day all the new metalwork shines - but at the time it was just different shades of grey.

No signs on or around the relay itself.

The relay is located in the football club car park. Fortunately the main gates were open at the time.

All three of the new Sudbury relays transmit with horizontal polarisation. The other two use panels - here it's more obvious.

This panel (which it turns out is made by Sira) is used to receive Sudbury.

There's also a VSAT dish - feed or telemetry?

Quite a large cabin - but this site will run 500W ERP (initially limited to 100W)

The small enclosure is for electricity metering, apparently.

The planning application notice was still attached to the perimeter fence - reference FUL/MAL/10/00718 at Maldon District Council if anyone wants to view the details.

Clacton | Rouncefall

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