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Photos by Rod Duncan Page last updated: 2018-02-28

The original self Help (#231) - September 2011

Before DSO in November 2011, Lowestoft was a self help active deflector of Tacolneston.

Rod writes:

While walking from the Town to the new broadcast relay site on the College, I spied a lot of vertically polarised aerials already directed at the building...

The Self Help site height is 12m aod and the Tx / receive antennas at 40m (also above aod) from some info I have found. I'm guessing that the receive antenna is the one on the west side of the building - Arqiva called it a 'college aerial' in their planning application for the new relay. It is a 10 element contract, with the cable seemingly draped over the roof to the transmit on the east side. This had to be moved to make way for the DSO UHF cardioid.

A vertically polarised contract 18-element is being used for the transmit antenna on the eastern side of the building. According to Ofcom data this is an active deflector so the separation between antennas is key to successful operation.

The Self Help serves an area to the east of the college where direct reception is blocked by the building. The new Lowestoft UHF relay should provide good service to those currently using the Self Help, which will presumably close at DSO.

General view of the site approaching down St. Peters St. from the Town Centre.
The transmit antenna for the new Lowestoft relay is to the left of the mobile phone tower and the Self Help transmit antenna is just to the right of the window in the rooftop building.

The transmit antenna.

The receive antenna. Unfortunately my longest lens was still insufficient for a good photo.

Some of the homes served by the Self Help transmitter (looking east, away from the College).

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