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Photos by (none) - information compiled by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-06-22
Crianlarich (self-help)
NGR: NN383252 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height:
Digital TV:
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Digital Radio:

June 2015 - Information only

Some of this information is contradictory. It has been compiled in the hope it will prove useful to whoever next travels this section of the A82

While updating Killin I saw a note saying the two horizontally polarised yagis spotted by Bill Wright had been added in 2001 to support the Crianlarich Self Help

In the meantime Ofcom has released lots of data on Self Helps under a Freedom of Information request. This gives an NGR of NN375250 and has the self help (no 349) as a transposer, using "Killin VP" which operated on channels 21/27/31/24 with 10W ERP but serving just six households

NN375250 is on the West Highland Way, just west of Crianlarich and would seem a feasible location to serve the area around the A82/A85 junction

A search of Stirling Council's planning system, however, reveals a property known as "Television Relay System Crianlarich" with an address of "A82t From A85t - A82t Crianlarich To A85t Tyndrum" - which isn't the sort of precision one would like. The associated map shows a location next to the village hall at Tyndrum, for which the NGR would be NN329308. On Streetview there's no trace of antennas at that location but there is a communications tower just along the road. There's no record of any planning application related to the property either

The two locations are, of course, some distance apart. Maybe the hall was a correspondence address? On the other hand a 10W ERP transposer would have needed a reasonable power supply which might not be available away from a main road...there again the addition of two yagis at the top of Killin suggests this may have been "with a little help from our friends..." rather than the simplest case of self help?

Terrain plots from Megalithia (see links below) suggest the path to NN329308 is completely obstructed but that to NN375250 whilst not clear line of site might be useable, so perhaps we should place our faith in Ofcom and someone needs to explore along the West Highland Way in search of any trace remaining?

Killin from NN375250
Killin from NN329308

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