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Photos by Jim Fraser Page last updated: 2011-06-02

Pre & post DSO

The Halwell relay used to have a small cabinet with single receive log and single transmit log aerials.

After DSO, the receive aerial is now a pair of logs, and the small cabinet has been superseded by something much bigger.

May 2008, showing the small equipment cabinet with the mast attached to the side of the building.

The aerials on the Halwell relay in May 2008 - the log at the top receives from Beacon Hill, and the log lower down transmits to the village.

The small equipment cabinet (May 2008) on the ground below the mast.

DSO happened in April 2009, but I hadn't noticed the changes until now (May 2011). A pair of logs now receive Beacon Hill and feed a much bigger equipment cabinet, having a camouflage green colour and then given a pair of bright yellow posts to stop vehicles driving into it.

Closer view of the new log pair at the top of the relay.

New signage on the supporting post for the cable gantry.

The old cabinet (still padlocked) sits under the new gantry for the cables to the new cabinet.

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