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Photos by Martin Watkins and Kitt Heard Page last updated: 2014-06-23

Earlier Photos

Huntshaw Cross, in the heart of rural North Devon. The mast is surprisingly fully populated - unlike it's surroundings!

The site was originally constructed by the ITA to improve Band III reception in the Barnstaple/Bideford area where neither Caradon Hill nor Stockland Hill came in very well. It used ch 11 with horizontal polarisation and entered service on 22nd April 1968, closed spring 1983.

UHF TV on three channels, commenced on 5th November 1973, with Channel 4 from July 1984. Channel 5 was available from the launch on 30th March 1997.

BBC R Devon has been transmitted from Huntshaw since 26th September 1983. The national FM relay for the area is elsewhere. At one time the BBC considered moving all their FM services to Huntshaw, but the idea never came to anything, possibly because coverage would have been "too good", with national frequencies co-channel with Rowridge and with the Okehampton relay only 200 kHz away.

Above: the Channel 5 (142 m agl), DTT (137 m agl) BBC FM local radio and ILR FM aerials.

Although four pre DSO muxes were transmitted from the main UHF aerial (158 m agl) the other two used a more complex aerial at 137 m agl, which used two separate pairs of channels, one set termed a "filler station" with very restricted coverage.

Above: A recent addition to Huntshaw Cross are Digital One's DAB aerials.

Below onwards: Kitt Heard's photos were taken in April 2006...

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Barnstaple VHF

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Autumn 2016: work to replace S2 UHF aerial in prep for B700 clearance

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