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Photos by Mervyn Mugford Page last updated: 2017-09-01

August 2017: new RBL arrangements

Some time ago, I am sure I saw a planning application in a local newspaper for a photovoltaic array at this site so I had been intending to go and have a look. Then I noticed it was on the update hit list and, having to go to Exeter, decided to take the scenic route home across the moors.

Well there is no solar panel array and I have just trawled back through Exmoor National Park planning applications and I can't find anything listed. Anyway, look, I had blue sky and sunshine and here are the DSO updates.

The original RBL aerial for Huntshaw Cross on the left, the new RBL aerial for Stockland Hill on the right.

Another view of the new aerial for Stockland Hill.

The telemetry uplink dish...

...with anti-pigeon spikes

No changes at the top. The six stack on the left would serve up the valley to Battleton and Dulverton, the four stack on the right, down the valley, probably as far as Exebridge.

Are these gps cones? Not sure why, some connection with Airwave Tetra or mobile comms perhaps.

Bampton seen from the site at Brushford.

Looking out over Brushford from the site. The large building is / was the Carnarvon Arms hotel which served the railway. Before Beeching, the Taunton to Barnstaple railway ran through here though, although in Brushford, the station was actually called Dulverton. There was also a junction with a branch down the Exe valley through Tiverton to Exeter. The hotel building has now been converted into residential appartments. More here.

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