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Photos by James Muir and A Bales Page last updated: 2017-07-22
Dunoon (Argyll Street)
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March 2015, updated February 2017

James: I was in Dunoon a few weeks ago and whilst there took the opportunity to capture images of the simple Tx dipole employed by Dunoon Community Radio.

The dipole is on the rooftop of a building in Argyll Street, at the corner of John Street in the lower reaches of the town centre. Not an ideal location, in my opinion, as much of the target reception area is uphill from here. I understand that the Tx was moved here in early 2015 from the previous higher location at Dunoon Primary School - can anyone connected with the station advise why?

According to the latest Ofcom Tx Parameters spreadsheet, a vertically polarised signal on 97.4 MHz FM with an ERP of 25W is radiated, with the maximum output being in a northerly direction. My experience of reception quality in and around Dunoon town centre was mediocre at best.

Finally, can anyone confirm if the current Tx location is on the roof of the station premises as it is not obvious from street-level who the tenants of the building are, nor can I find any details re studio location on the station's web site.

Editor's note: we have additional photos and information below from late February 2017 which answers at least one of the questions and confirms the very local nature of the station's coverage.

Looking westwards from Argyll Street towards the rooftop dipole. Incidentally, the street on the left, John Street, leads uphill to the Dunoon UHF TV relay site about 500 metres away

A closer view

Perhaps the station premises are on the upper storey of the building?

A south-westerly view from Argyll Street.

February 2017: This picture is from further along John Street rather than Argyll Street. The large structure behind is at the BT exchange, behind the offices of the Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard. If Dunoon Community Radio had been able to to use this structure their aerial would have been 11 metres higher!

I stayed 1.5 miles to the north west (at Hunter's Quay) and the signal was already being interfered with by Forth 1 on 97.3 MHz from Craigkelly and West FM on 97.5 MHz from Ayr. Interestingly the Ofcom tx. parameters have been changed from 25 watts erp. when James checked it to 20 watts, maybe Ofcom thought they were getting out too well!

The studio is on John Street at the back of the newspaper offices which are on Argyll Street. The studios only seem to be used part time though, a lot of the output seems to be a relay of Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow.

Dunoon is 27 miles west of Glasgow overlooking the Firth of Clyde. Glasgow is to the right and Holy Loch to the left. This picture was taken from Hunter's Quay.


BT Sites: Dunoon

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