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Photos by DJBroadcasting Page last updated: 2017-01-07
Leeds (Scott Hall Road) West Yorkshire
NGR: SE298366 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height:
Digital TV:
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Akash Radio: 1323 
Digital Radio:

New Mast completed July 2015

This is the transmitting aerial for Akash Radio, a community radio station for the Panjabi community, mainly Sikhs and Hindus, in Leeds broadcasting on 1323KHz AM. Ofcom allowed a grand total of 20 watts to try and cover the city. The aerial is located behind a parade of shops at the junction of Potternewton Lane and Scott Hall Road in Chapel Allerton 1.6 miles to the north of Leeds centre.

Unfortunately, due to planning restraints in a residential area the aerial could only be 13 metres tall. This meant it was dwarfed by the surrounding trees.There are 4 top wires (2 visible in this picture), connected to the top of the aerial forming a 'top hat' to electrically lengthen the aerial.

To the left is a new building which has been built on top of an old garage and houses the studio. Some noise is created in the studio mixer due to the proximity of the aerial. The satellite dishes shown don't relate to Akash.

The aerial has a helical winding near the top to electrically lengthen it, there is also some base loading, seen in the photograph, to bring it to resonance. The coils are wound on fibreglass, the rest of the aerial is aluminium. It is all painted dark green to comply with the planning authorities. In the box, at the base of the aerial, is a matching circuit (L match) to match the transmitter and aerial impedances. There is also a meter to indicate aerial current which is an Ofcom regulation.

This is the transmitter, housed in the garage, below the studio.It delivers 200 watts RMS into the aerial but as the aerial is relatively small the effective radiated power is 20 watts. It is linked by underground coaxial cable to the aerial. The box on the right contains a separate amplifier, later to be put on the bottom shelf of the rack mount box.

The radiator on the left is an example of the many interesting things to be found in the back of a garage!

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