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Photos by John P Martin Page last updated: 2021-09-13

Photos updated September 2021

The photos were taken from about 2 miles away using a 3000mm lens and 3x digital zoom, so the quality is poor, but climbing that hill is way above my pay grade! I'm not going to caption the pictures in the hope that an esteemed editor will be able to work out what's what.

[Ed]. I'll have a go.

[Ed]. Ofcom Tx Parameters quote vertical polarisation and directional to the west with a 5dB reduction to the east. This makes sense as the town of Fort William and the Nevis Radio studios are to the west. All of John's pictures are taken with the camera pointing roughly southeast, therefore my guess is that the Nevis Radio aerials are on the structure on the right of this picture with a horizontal band I folded dipole receiving the programme feed from the studios with a band II folded dipole above for transmit. The mounting pole will create the required directionality to the Tx radiation pattern.

It would be nice if there was some means of confirming the use of a band I STL. Unfortunately the most recent pictures of the Nevis Radio studios on Google Streetview are from October 2016, which is before the transmitter was relocated to this site.

[Ed]. It is possible that the folded dipole on the right is the Nevis Radio Tx aerial, although to my eyes it looks a bit too small for band II. The two, two element yagis on the left are pointing away from Fort William, so neither of these will be the Nevis Radio Tx aerial.

[Ed]. A close up of what I think is the transmit aerial.

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Fort William

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