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Photos by Neil Robertson Page last updated: 2018-12-18
Largs (Holehouse) North Ayrshire
NGR: NS213593 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height:
Digital TV: BBC A: 29 D3&4: 31 BBC B: 37
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: This site replaces Largs (Academy); service transferred 25th October 2017. Largs is a relay of Black Hill (via West Kilbride and Rothesay). Pre B700 allocations: 45/42/39.

Largs - new Bellsdale Avenue site

The Largs relay has now moved from its old site on Largs academy (now demolished) to an existing mobile phone mast further up the hill behind the town on a track leading off Bellsdale Avenue.

Although officially known as Largs (Holehouse) the new site seems to be several hundred yards from the Holehouse area.

This photo shows what is left of Largs Academy on which the original antennas for the Largs relay were mounted.
The town now has a 'SUPER' school containing the ACADEMY and three primary schools

As the original site has been demolished the relay was moved up hill (about 1/2 mile and 100 ft higher) to a mobile telephone mast.

This is a view of the new site and the view across the Clyde over the town of Largs.

Another view from behind the site

The relay uses a single log periodic vertical polarised antenna (right hand side halfway up) to receive the feed from the Rothesay relay (called Rothesay but actually on the mainland while Rothesay is on the island of Bute)

There are two log periodic transmit antennas pointed up Brisbane Glen to cover about 200 houses in the shadow of a hill. Note the horizontal polarisation - unusual for a relay.

This has confused several antenna installers as there are quite a few very high gain antennas on houses pointed at this relay which are vertically polarised. (or did they want to sell a more expensive antenna system?)

The vertically polarised receive antenna pointed across the water to the Rothesay relay.

The Rothesay relay which feeds the Largs relay at a distance of 8 miles.


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