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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2017-02-22

February 2017 - addition of DAB

I suspect since Mike's photos were taken, Free Radio and Signal 107 have been added to this site. Previously, Free/Wyvern came from a location in Kidderminster town centre, but moved in 2002. Both commercial services are line fed, presumably for split advertising.

The UHF cylinder seems unchanged since DSO.

Ofcom data is slightly sketchy as it gives heighs for BBC H&W and Signal 107 as 40 and 44 metres, but I suspect these are the transmitting antennas for both stations. They are slightly different in power, BBC H&W at 500 watts, Signal 107 at 200 watts.

[Ed] I suspect that the height figure for BBC H&W is incorrect. The tower is 45.7m tall, so 44m looks to be the correct figure, judging by this picture.

There was mast work occurring at the time of my visit.

On the right hand side, the two slant polarised, 2 element Yagis, at 32 metres. These must be the antennas for Free Radio at 100 watts. I suspect they are directional to protect Wenvoe on 96.8, and the fact that coverage isn't really needed to the south.

DAB entered service on 1st September 2016. Again, Ofcom data is sketchy, as it puts BBC DAB interleaved with the Kathrein FM panels, but I don't see any DAB in there?

The troughs are still present, pointing towards Sutton Coldfield. Note the log on the bottom left? I suspect it is looking at Bromsgrove.

BBC H&W receive antenna looking at Malvern.

Droitwich in the distance.

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