UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Peter Bigwood Page last updated: 2020-05-11

Autumn 2002

The broadcast mast is only 13.5m high with a UHF cardioid antenna poking out the top radiating the 4 analogue services and 4 of the 6 digital multiplexes.

The VHF antennas are below that and the DTT antenna for Mux C&D is further below at around 8.5m from the ground.

When Peter Bigwood visited the site he commented: No change at the site that I can see but I didn't spot a separate aerial for Mux C&D as suggested.

(Apparently it's the grey shrouded cross logs below the VHF antenna, close to the off-air receiving trough antenna. The analogue antenna is a Band IV cardiod so the other muxes could share. Mux C&D were so out of band, they required their own antenna.)

Lark Stoke was originally a BBC landlord site with BBC 2 entering service on 8th May 1967. There is a link to a BBC RD installation summary at foot of this page. BBC 1 was added in August 1971, ITV on 7th July 1972 and Channel 4 in May 1985. DTT was added late in 1999. DSO was on 6th and 20th April 2011.

BBC CWR launched on 17th January 1990. ILR Stratford upon Avon (The Bear) launched on 24th May 1996.

DAB service dates are: Digital One, 25th February 2004; BBC, 18th May 2004.

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BBC RD: Summary of Installation (1967)

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