UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by David Stanley Page last updated: 2023-11-25

Site move and new antenna - September 2023

Back in July this was a hit list site and I visited to photograph it. I had not expected to return so soon but I was told the antenna was changed from the ground plane type to dipole soon after my last visit.

This photo confirms the removal of the original antenna, but no replacement is visible which I had not expected.

And not from the other side either.

Heading back into the village I noticed this nearly vertically polarised dipole. The house is 150m due west from the church and almost the same grid reference.

They have lost some height compared with the church. I will speculate that the church did not want a visible antenna on their roof. The original ground plane type was very hard to see.

When fully zoomed in the blue label has the Lucoro brand confirming this as a broadcast antenna.

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