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Photos by James Muir Page last updated: 2023-12-27
Stirling (Springkerse Ind Estate)
NGR: NS810293 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 11m      Structure Height: 11m
Digital TV:
National Radio:
Local Radio:
Digital Radio: Stirling and Falkirk local: 9C  

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Stirling Town Fill-In Transmitter for Stirling / Falkirk SSDAB Mux

The Stirling / Falkirk SSDAB licence was awarded to Central FM and commenced broadcasting in early November 2023.

The main transmitter for the mux is at Earl's Hill, the existing site for Central FM's 103.1 MHz transmitter, however a fill-in transmitter for Stirling Town has also been established at Central FM's HQ in the Springkerse Industrial Estate.

In-car reception of the mux is solid in Stirling and the immediate vicinity, however I have found reception to be patchy in Falkirk, especially towards Polmont and Linlithgow.

Photographs taken early morning, Tuesday 26 December 2023.

The lattice tower on the LHS side of Central FM's HQ hosts the DAB colinear antenna and what appears to be a SHF link for the programme feed to the main transmission site for the mux at Earl's Hill.

NB the lattice tower has only been established in the last few months as it doesn't show on the latest Google Streetview image dated April 2023.

Earls Hill

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