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Photos by Alan Price Page last updated: 2017-02-22

DAB added - February 2017

Overlooking Glossop and the valley of Longdendale, this is quite a busy relay. High Peak Radio first aired on 4th April 2004, Glossop being one of the launch transmitters. DAB started from here in 2015.

I noticed the site was on the hit list, so I went over for a look. Compared to the previous photos, on the day I visited it was wet and rainy, so please excuse the poor light.

Very moody!

The UHF cylinder looks unchanged since DSO.

Both DAB multiplexes started broadcasting from here in June 2015. Digital One kicks out much lower power from here than the BBC, agl 41 metres.

What I think is the High Peak Radio transmit antenna. Ofcom has it down as 40 metres, which seems to me about right. The station is transmitted at a power of 250 watts.

I wonder if it was originally planned that Glossop would relay another HPR transmitter? Compared to the other TX's, Glossop is a bit out on it's own, separated by the high ground of the Dark Peak. The only transmitter that would have been receivable at this site would be Buxworth, which probably would be marred by co-channel interference from Capital North Wales on 103.4. It's certainly pointing south, which is the direction of Buxworth.

On listening to the station, it seems the feed is via webstream.

Troughs looking at Winter Hill.

I think the building with the DAB transmitters is the one behind the satellite dish...

Due to these GPS cones.

View over Glossop.

View towards Cheshire. You can just make out the Mid Cheshire Ridge and the hills of Wales further beyond.

Fiddlers Ferry power station.

Former Home Office (?) towers on Werneth Low.

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