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Photos by Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2017-10-06

July 2007

Croydon Old Town is a low power relay covering areas to the south of the town centre that would appear to have reception difficulties due to the tall buildings in the area. The proximity of Crystal Palace (only about 3 miles away) would tend to indicate that the difficulties are due to multipath distortion rather than poor signal.

The relay consists of four vertically polarised bowtie-type antennas mounted on the top of a block of flats to the south west of the town centre. The antennas point nominally south of east. RX is a single log periodic on Crystal Palace.

Croydon Old Town is one of the few relays to also broadcast Channel Five (on UHF ch 59). Due to strong reflections in the area the incoming signal from Croydon is no good, so the source has to be line fed.

Service date 14th March 1984, with Channel 5 from 27th March 1998.

View of Croydon town centre from the Purley Way Playing Fields to the south west. The Old Town TX is the cream coloured building centre left with the white satellite dish on the roof. The main Croydon transmitter is far left, illuminated with red aircraft warning lights. To the immediate right, the Crystal Palace transmitter.

Close up, with the Old Town tx on the building centre right, and Crystal Palace left of frame.

Croydon and Crystal Palace. Croydon is nearer, and appears taller, even though it is in fact Crystal Palace that is the taller of the two.

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