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Photos by Mark G7RJV Page last updated: 2012-01-09

Pictures taken on 16 September 2010.

Taking pictures of this site is difficult due to being surrounded on all sides by housing. Replacement UHF main antenna for DSO has been installed since the previous Sheffield pictures were taken. We have been informed that this antenna is now a stacked Band IV/V cardioid arrangement to allow for the relatively wide range of allocations used. The Band V antenna forms the lower half of the stack, Band IV being the upper half. This arrangement has also been put in place at Reigate, Lark Stoke and Bromsgrove.

Three sets of UHF antenna at the top of the tower.

The cylinder at the top contains 2 x 8 lambda cardioid antenna pointing towards 105° ETN. (52.4m). Two antenna to cover two separate frequency ranges and are mounted one on top of the other inside the cylinder. These cylinder based antenna replaced an unshrouded 8 lambda cardioid antenna.

A small cardioid antenna located on the side of the tower pointing towards 25° ETN (Grey tube antenna in front wire mesh panels) (45.4m)

2 x UHF panels (White cover) pointing towards 65° ETN (42.5m)

Close up of the two lower UHF antenna for Channel 5 and Digital TV. These two lower antenna will be removed after DSO.

VHF band II antenna and DAB antenna in the same aperture.

Close up of the band II and DAB antenna. Band II aerial shared by all FM radio services except 93.2 MHz.

The band II Sira on the right is only used by Sheffield Live (93.2 MHz)

Very busy site for cables and various communication antennas.

BBC log periodic antenna can be seen on the left of the tower. Above and below the large SHF link dish. Height of the upper antenna is 26.8m AGL and the lower 23.5m AGL

Close up view of both UHF Rx antenna.

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