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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-09-30

September 2015

The local topography and presence of trees make this another of those sites where it's difficult to get clear shots of the whole structures, or of the towers and buildings together. It was just before sunset so there is a slight orange tint in some of the photos

Nothing significant has changed since Richard Maycock visited in February 2008 - but one small odditity has been found...

(Some earlier photos of this site show a number of horizontal and vertical 6-element yagis which have since been removed - most likely these were emergency services links around 150MHz)

Peering through the gate we can just about see everything expected - and something unexpected!

At the bottom of the parallel section of the tower are two vertically polarised log periodics (just above the large SHF antenna)

The two Band II logs near the bottom receive Sutton Coldfield. The other receive antennas face away from the camera and are "behind" the tower

From the road just north east of the site there's a clear view of the two troughs facing Emley Moor and the two yagis receiving BBC Sheffield from Holme Moss are just visible at the bottom

(The VP UHF logs have merged into the background from this direction)

The small cylinder was added for interim-DTT and could still be in use for the PSB multiplexes which may be outside the bandwith of the main cylinder

Previous photos show a navigation light at the top of the main cylinder - now there is just an empty bracket

The difference in size between the two cylinders is very marked!

This VP-only array of panels (at 43m) is used for all the BBC services - there is plenty of space for another tier or two...

Slightly further down, the mystery logs. They seem to be aimed in virtually the same direction as the troughs (just west of north) - the only significant vertically polarised transmissions in that direction would be from the Sheffield (Crosspool) relay. Monitoring? Some strange standby arrangement? Maybe a "squirt" of Chesterfield's output to assist the Dronfield relay?

The BBC Sheffield receive yagis in more detail

All DAB services are from the second tower using these dipoles at 36m

Above this is a shrouded Shively Labs circular polarisation antenna which Ofcom data also has at 36m - this is used by Peak FM

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